Thursday, 2 August 2012

Moon Lady and her Jealous lover ~ giveaway!

I'm going to be giving away a painting that has had an unfortunate accident.   Her jealous lover had an episode, story of Moon Lady's life.  She's still beautiful, only damaged.  Some times the most beautiful women are.  You pay S&H, she is yours.  post a comment if you want to take her home, so that I can gauge to see if there's enough interest, and if there is I'll be setting up a random draw soon.  This is open to everyone. (winner pays s&h)

one word: LOVE

Wow, it's been forever.  Way too long!

I don't know how I've neglected my blog like I have.  I had all intentions of coddling it like a newborn baby, putting time and effort into and watching it grow into a wonderful plump little creation.  Soon it would be rolling over, then smiling and one day could stand on two legs of its own.  But then this funny thing happens.  LIFE!

Life, glorious, wonderful life.

Summer is here.  My favourite time of year.  Sun and light, friends and cheer.  Patios, late nights, drinking beer.  Loving with out fear, cloudless skies, tan lines. Sand castles, water waves, shore lines, far reaching, far beyond our eyes I can see.  Summer, summer, I love you!

Did some travelling, lots of hotels, pools, visiting with friends.  It was fantastic,  I love travelling.  It's invigorating.  I'm one of those people that could easily live out of a suitcase and spend my time travelling the world.  Couldn't we all?  But I have roots, deep roots.  It always feels good to come home.  In my next life I will be a traveller, I think.

My painting has suffered for it, though.  I have a canvas that's been sitting on my painting table for two months.  I keep going to it and playing bits here and theret.  It was initially a cat with wings.  Yes, that's right, a cat with wings.  Big beautiful monarch wings.  My plans were to use garbage to collage sky scrapers and a city scene around it.  It is a mutant cat, after all.  I still like that idea, but it never materialized.  Instead I've been painting over it and I love how it has morphed.  I just know that it's one of those paintings that will be in progress for a very long time, and with that I am okay.  My paintings are still selling, without much effort.  Gently selling, that's more than I could ask for.  I'm just happy someone wants to enjoy my art, that is what makes me happy.

I am crazy for the wonderful music of Chelsea Wolf.  Oh my G.O.D. she is amazing.  Her songs are eerie, haunting, other worldly, soul captivating.  A soundtrack to this point in my life.  I listen to her as I write.

I'm writing.  I'm putting it out into the universe.  I always have been but now I'm ready.  It's happening.  My first draft is coming to an end.  I can't believe it and I am SO elated!  I plan on talking more about this in the future, but for now, what can I say?  This is my dream, it always has been, but dreamers dream.  Writers write.  I keep reminding myself of this, to push myself to act.  Writing brings me into the heights of happiness that I've been searching for and it's for this that I know that it's right and it's what I should be doing.  I am a natural born writer.  Anyone that has exchanged emails with me would know, I often write purely for the sake of writing.  Some times to the dismay of what should be said (or shouldn't).  The art of writing, the birth of words, the construction of feelings and emotions through wordplay is endless gratifying for me.  For anyone who has been my exercise in writing:  I am sorry for putting you through it, but thank you for listening to me and giving me your love and support.

For the last few months I've been creating a world.  It's developed to the point where it's my duty to give it a conclusion.  These people, they have lives and relationships and I am so in love with them.  I hope that I will be able to get it into the hands of the public and they will love this world and these people as well.  I know they will!

Today marks the month of the Blue Moon.  Two moons in one month.  I will be attending a full moon drumming dance tonight.  My first one.  I'm looking forward to it.  I feel a great need to surround myself with positive, feminine energy.

Love and light to you all, I love you, moon!  (get it?  My idea of a joke!)


Friday, 20 April 2012

Story time.

As a child I never spent an entire night in my own bed.  I shared a bed with my sister, but she of no comfort to me as she was littler than I.  Every night I would I would wake in the pitch black of my room and watch the shadows dance on the wall cast from the tree that hung outside my window.  It's long crackling branches would tap the old paned glass and I was sure something was out there, hoping I would open the window in curiosity and whatever this unknown monster was lurking out there, it was sure to snatch me and take me off to some dark netherworld.  I was convinced of this.  The long branches cast finger like shadows across the 1940s floral wallpaper in my room.  Perhaps they were the fingers of a witch, I thought.  So, after laying there terrified for what seemed like most of the night I would get out of bed and tip toe down the hall to my mother's bed.

And there I was safe, I knew.  Her room quiet and dark and most importantly free of witches, shadows, and strange noises.  All was well in the cocoon off her bed.  I would wrap my arms around her and press my ear against her back and listen to her breathing as she lay sleeping, not knowing I was there.  I would listen to all the gurgles and churnings inside of her.  I knew there was a city inside of her.  I imagined at night, when she was sleeping something very important was happening in the core of her body.  Little people were fast at work, building her up, making sure she was strong and able to take care of my sister and I.  I would hear the crash of a mini bulldozer knocking down an old wall and the hammering of a jack hammer fixing a street and all sorts of the usual sounds of building a city.  I would stay like that listening, and soon I would be fast asleep.

This is what I was sure it looked like inside of my mother:

Yesterday I finished a painting that I absolutely love.  It's titled 'One When We Were Flowers'

'Sweetest love, I do not go,
For weariness of thee,
Nor in hope the world can show
A fitter love for me;
But since that I
Must die at last, 'tis best
To use myself in jest
Thus by feign'd deaths to die.' ~ John Donne

what's knew in my life?  Well I am have been uber busy painting and lots of fantastic stuff is happening with that. I'm being featured in an art magazine, which I will blog about at a later date.  My sales are up and I'm happy to think of all of my art that is in private collections across North America.  I'm hoping to start expanding to over seas and have been networking with a magazine from the UK that is interested on doing a spread on me (more about that later).

Life is good, life is grand.  Love your friends, love your family, for you know which ones will always be there and make sure you cherish that, and cherish them.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Is it bad luck to spit in someone's mouth?

'Tis the morning of Friday the 13th.  I would be remiss not to write a blog on this fine day.
So here I sit, in my pajamas, sucking back litres of Earl Grey tea and listening to some Japanese post rock, trying to rouse a few thoughts.  I'm cruising at zero this morning, sorry folks.

Let me say, I don't believe that the Friday the 13th is the juggernaut of luck.  If you ask me I think Friday the 13th faces unfair discrimination.  In fact, being born on a 13th day some of my most memorable birthdays have been on a Friday.  If anything perhaps I've made even more of an effort to have fabulous birthdays on Friday the 13th just to prove the bad luck superstition wrong.

So clearly, I don't believe in back luck days.

What I do believe is that you receive what you put out.  I'm major on give and take.  And karma...

and with the subject of give and take,  what about in and out?

'Spit In or Out'

I can really only listen to so much Japanese post rock.  It's good music for when you don't want to actively listen to music, you just want it there in the background.  Here's something else:

have a great "bad luck day" today, folks xoxox

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

on the menu for today, psychics, energy readers and auras, oh my!

So, recently some one put me in touch with an energy reader who is reputed to be the 'real deal'.  Let me first just say this, I don't think it's too far fetched to consider it could be truth that some people have gifts that most of us don't.  Especially concerning energy, as energy as all around us and in everything.

So, first I had to send her a photograph.  I wanted to make sure to send one where I wasn't smiling too much, or looking sad,  or peaceful, just neutral.  One that wasn't retouched or flooded out with light, something to show all the blemishes and shadows of my face, so I sent her this:

she does these readings simply by looking at a photo of you.  She doesn't need to touch you or see you in person.

First, I was told what my spirit vision is.  My spirit vision is a circular path in a garden with me walking round and round.  Ever content to keep passing the same scenery, but wondering why things never change.  Alright, interesting and I can relate.  She said that I am extremely tolerant and forgiving.  Yup.

My aura color is green.  This is the second time I have been told by an 'aura seer' that I have a green aura.  Green aura people tend to be healers.  I'd say I'm half healer/half Debbie Destructo.  Any way, there were all other parts of her reading that I'll leave alone, but it was interesting.  Not earth shaking, but eye opening, I'll say.

Have you ever been told what your aura color is? Have you had your spirit vision told to you? 
What do you think?  Do you think some people have a gift, or is it all hooey?  I'm open minded on either end.
 Here's a linkie to the meanings of aura color.aura colors, what do they say about you?

and here's a couple of songsI'd love to share with you that I've listened to today

have a wonderful day xoxoxoxox
I was able to work on my painting this weekend.  I really love this piece and enjoyed painting it, very much. So from that (see post below) to this:

now just to title it and date decent photos.  But for now I need to run out the door or I will be late.

Starting day #1 of a (hopefully) 10 day water fast.  I've started fasts more times that I can count and never make it far.  I'm hoping this time I can stick it out.  Planning on doing a fasting series of paintings, as I've heard by day 3 your mind is sharpened and your creative visions are more easily in your hand.  We will see!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Well, it's Easter afternoon.  Easter egg hunting was had.  It's a cool spring day but sunny and bright.

Here's the very new baby beginnings of a painting that was started last night.  I'm looking forward to finding some time today or tonight to work on it.