Friday, 13 April 2012

Is it bad luck to spit in someone's mouth?

'Tis the morning of Friday the 13th.  I would be remiss not to write a blog on this fine day.
So here I sit, in my pajamas, sucking back litres of Earl Grey tea and listening to some Japanese post rock, trying to rouse a few thoughts.  I'm cruising at zero this morning, sorry folks.

Let me say, I don't believe that the Friday the 13th is the juggernaut of luck.  If you ask me I think Friday the 13th faces unfair discrimination.  In fact, being born on a 13th day some of my most memorable birthdays have been on a Friday.  If anything perhaps I've made even more of an effort to have fabulous birthdays on Friday the 13th just to prove the bad luck superstition wrong.

So clearly, I don't believe in back luck days.

What I do believe is that you receive what you put out.  I'm major on give and take.  And karma...

and with the subject of give and take,  what about in and out?

'Spit In or Out'

I can really only listen to so much Japanese post rock.  It's good music for when you don't want to actively listen to music, you just want it there in the background.  Here's something else:

have a great "bad luck day" today, folks xoxox

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