Tuesday, 10 April 2012

on the menu for today, psychics, energy readers and auras, oh my!

So, recently some one put me in touch with an energy reader who is reputed to be the 'real deal'.  Let me first just say this, I don't think it's too far fetched to consider it could be truth that some people have gifts that most of us don't.  Especially concerning energy, as energy as all around us and in everything.

So, first I had to send her a photograph.  I wanted to make sure to send one where I wasn't smiling too much, or looking sad,  or peaceful, just neutral.  One that wasn't retouched or flooded out with light, something to show all the blemishes and shadows of my face, so I sent her this:

she does these readings simply by looking at a photo of you.  She doesn't need to touch you or see you in person.

First, I was told what my spirit vision is.  My spirit vision is a circular path in a garden with me walking round and round.  Ever content to keep passing the same scenery, but wondering why things never change.  Alright, interesting and I can relate.  She said that I am extremely tolerant and forgiving.  Yup.

My aura color is green.  This is the second time I have been told by an 'aura seer' that I have a green aura.  Green aura people tend to be healers.  I'd say I'm half healer/half Debbie Destructo.  Any way, there were all other parts of her reading that I'll leave alone, but it was interesting.  Not earth shaking, but eye opening, I'll say.

Have you ever been told what your aura color is? Have you had your spirit vision told to you? 
What do you think?  Do you think some people have a gift, or is it all hooey?  I'm open minded on either end.
 Here's a linkie to the meanings of aura color.aura colors, what do they say about you?

and here's a couple of songsI'd love to share with you that I've listened to today

have a wonderful day xoxoxoxox

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  1. That is wonderful that you had the opportunity to have a reading and through a photograph too. That always makes it most interesting and powerful. It seems like we have a lot in common and I'm really grateful to have passed by. I did have an aura sensor picture taken once which was amazing in itself. Putting my hand in a sensor attached to a computer and it read what my aura was like for the day. I feel the aura changes according to the energy field, and what is going on in one's life. I do readings too, but not using photos, just tapping into people directly via the energy even if half way across the world. Use my intuition with that. So pleased to meet you and am now your new follower. Have a great day! Your picture is beautiful by the way and love your paintings :)